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Welcome to Digital Construction!

Building Information Modelling, or Digital Construction, is spearheading a revolution in the construction industry. It is arguably the single most important driver for change across the sector and it requires organisations across the supply chain to think differently about project delivery. Whilst BIM training to date has focused on upskilling the workforce there is a need to support organisations to adopt BIM and work collaboratively on live projects. 

Digital Construction is a CITB-funded programme to develop and enhance the ways in which contractors and supply chains work collaboratively using BIM on live projects. As part of Digital Construction we have developed this diagnostic to measure an organisation’s maturity around collaborative working and BIM. It looks at your level of awareness of BIM, the competencies and knowledge of your people and your processes, systems and technology to support collaborative working using BIM.

The responses help us to determine your current maturity in relation to BIM and collaborative working and supports our work to gather evidence of the industry's overall maturity. On completion of the diagnostic you will receive feedback on your maturity level and how you can go about developing your BIM and collaborative working capability.